On the side of Honesty and Integrity

This is an unusual post which I am compelled to write in the aftermath of the latest round of negotiations between the global powers and Iran on the festering nuclear issue.

Though I have been moving towards the Iranian position of late that they want to be sincere in their negotiations and shut down their nuclear reactors except for peaceful purposes, it is no wonder people are having doubts.

The initiatives for peace by the new Iranian President are commendable and come as a breather to all after the disastrous regime of the previous president which went nowhere and destroyed huge economic value for Iran and caused sufferings to Iranian people. While President Obama has acknowledged the new initiatives from Iran and wants to negotiate in good faith, he better be careful.

Iran is not a democracy, it is a theocracy. It is an autocratic regime where decision-making is not transparent. The parliament and elections seem to be stage-managed. None of these factors are new and Americans know that it is a dangerous environment when their negotiations can be upended in a minute by religious and military vested interests.

So, it is not surprising that Israel is deeply worried. It sometimes appears that Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel is a cry baby, wailing all the time about the impending mistakes that the world is going to commit by shaking hands with the Iranian regime and settle the nuclear matter for the moment. I also thought that he is a constant complainer, constantly making the point to the Americans and to the media in all possible ways without strong evidence.

However, I read the history of Iranian prevarications over the past decade, unfortunately coloured negatively by the previous Iranian President who also called for the extermination of the State of Israel.

It is apparent to anyone that it is difficult to trust the Iranian Government. Even the friendly Indian Government voted against Iran in the United Nations on the nuclear issue and shocked Iran. So, one has to tread rather carefully when negotiating an agreement with Iran which has to be 200% verifiable.

Israel is rightfully worried about its existence.

And, other nations should be worried too.

Is Iran going to be 100% honest ?

It is absolutely critical for Iran to come clean on the nuclear issue. There is no need to enrich Uranium to 20% or more if one is not going to make nuclear bombs. There is no need to make Plutonium in a separate reactor, as it has no intended use except as fuel for a different kind of nuclear bomb.

So, the world powers get one chance to ensure that thing turn out well for Iran and the long-suffering Iranian people. In Geneva. In the coming few weeks.

Hope they achieve the goal of keeping Iran honest to the core.


Vijay Srinivasan
10th November 2013


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