Gymmatics – An Update

If I do not hit the gym for a single day, I don’t feel that good during that day.

It is a bit of slow down which happens when there is no physical activity.

I go to the gym for at least 6 out of 7 days of the week, and during some weeks I go on all 7 days of the week.

That translates to 21.18 KMs on the treadmill over a typical week, and 960 Calories expended. That is not much, compared to what a more aggressive runner will deliver in a typical week. I would estimate a typical runner does some 30 KMs of running in a week and expends more than 2,500 calories doing that. But that is only my guesstimate.

Each day I go on the treadmill, I spend 36 minutes on it, and some 5 minutes warming up for it. After that exercise, I release the tension in the leg muscles by some exercise and then walk off.

This schedule has been doing good for me. The only variation that I have seen is the impact on the heart beat rate during a normal day, as compared to the previous day when I have had an alcoholic drink like couple of glasses of wine. If there is alcohol intake the previous evening, the heart rate as measured on the treadmill the next morning is elevated. Instead of reaching some 118 heartbeats at the max, I tend to add another 10 heartbeats to the max, sometime even touching 130.

I have been seeing evidence of this behaviour for some time, and I am now convinced that there is a direct correlation.

I am reducing the intake as much as possible, to ensure that the heart rate remains within 120 at the peak point of the treadmill exercise.

I thought it would be good to report this in a blog post.

In any case, I have no plan to reduce the daily morning gym activity. I believe it helps in a big way.


Vijay Srinivasan
17th November 2013


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