Discovery of the unwellness

Only when one is not really feeling well, true emotions come out.

Especially when one is not physically feeling well, even in a light manner, one tends to come down mentally and emotionally. Especially in a person who is otherwise mostly well most of the time.

That is what happened to me this past week.

I went down after some good natured get-together. I got a headache, mild body pain and then some fever. It worsened day after day.

Since I am not used to getting such instances of unwellness, I felt really uncomfortable. I felt drowsy since I took the cough syrup to quell some mild coughing. I felt drugged since I took a series of medicines to reduce headache and body pain. It kind of lingered on for almost 4 miserable days.

I tried to take honey drops in warm water but did not see any effect.

Two things finally helped me out of my situation – some 10 glasses of mildly warm water a day and corn soup !

I thought of sharing this, as my kind of situation might actually be common. Tonight I am having clear soup with vegetables. In the evening I had two cubes of dark chocolates to perk me up. It helped !!

So, finally I discovered the true nature of unwellness. May be I was in this situation a few years ago. This is not a recurring scenario in my case.

The ability to devise a solution which is of a non-medical nature is lacking and I had to engineer a solution working with my wife. The unwellness is now slowly disappearing, but it established one thing – when one gets older, things take longer to settle down or cool off.

In any case, this has been a new learning for me.


Vijay Srinivasan
23rd November 2013


2 thoughts on “Discovery of the unwellness

  1. V

    Use ginger powder + ghee + jaggery ( red one and not yellow one ) … in equal quantity. Mix to make goli ( sphere ) and eat it everyday ( may at bed time or after waking up ). This is prevent any kind of cough & cold. This is time tested by me and it’s really helpful even in extreme cold weather.

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