Some Good Ones

Courtesy: Friends

Wife calls Husband in his office.

Wife: “Windows is not opening. What shall I do ?”

Husband: “Put some oil and wait for a while. It will open. If not, then put more oil and wait”

Wife (little unconvinced): “Are you sure ?”

Husband: “Yes, trust me dear, it will do the magic. Try it”

After a while, husband calls back to check: “Did you do as I told you ? Did it do the needful trick ?”

Wife: “I don’t know about the trick or the magic, but now the entire laptop is not starting”


Son: “Dad, there is a small parent teacher meeting in the school tomorrow”

Dad: “What do you mean by SMALL ?”

Son: “Only YOU, ME, and the PRINCIPAL”


Husband (calls up Hotel Manager from his room): “Please come fast, I am having an argument with my wife and she says that she will jump from your hotel window”

Manager: “Sir, I am sorry, but this is your personal issue”

Husband: “Hello, the Window is not opening, this is your hotel maintenance issue……….”


Courtesy: Friends


Vijay Srinivasan
8th December 2013


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