Level 33

A rather interesting place in Marina Bay Financial Centre area, the Level 33 Bar and Restaurant should not be missed for its eclectic drinks and food menu.

We had a family outing there last week one of the evenings and everyone loved it – for the ambience and the fabulous multi-dimensional view from Level 33 – on one side you can see the esplanade, and on the other side you can see the Marina Bay Sands building, a one of a kind architecture with a boat-like structure on top of three towers.

The wine was good and the food was OK. The family’s observation was that the quantity served was more befitting of a very fine dining restaurant, and not adequate considering the very high price charged for each dish. The food presentation was fine, and the service was also pretty good (except that they struggled to get the same person to come around even while trying to refill the wine, as the trainee server was not equipped to perform the service).

Since this is essentially a micro beer brewery, I expected that the beers would be of very good selection with no names whatsoever, which was indeed the case. However, their wine selection appeared to be better and since we are all wine drinkers we went for a Sauvignon Blanc.

We took photographs from the expansive balcony area, and these were the highlights of the dinner. There were not many families as this is kind of an adults-only restaurant with a beer bar tag, but surely the food could have more choices and quantities served as young folks are hungry and one portion costing in excess of SGD 35 cannot meet their needs ! There could be some more varieties as well.

In any case, this was one of a kind of visit to a rather up-market bar and restaurant in the middle of the financial district. I guess it was worth it overall, for the experience gained for the family.


Vijay Srinivasan
05 January 2014


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