The ‘J’ 2012

Wondering what is ‘J’ 2012 ?

It is a unique wine from South Africa, from a small vineyard called Stony Brook Vineyards near Cape Town.

My daughter visited South Africa recently and brought me this wine.

The ‘J’ wine is an incredibly complex Sauvignon Blanc – it is actually a mix of 30% Sauvignon Blanc, 36% Semillon, and 34% Viognier.

As per tasting notes from Stony Brook, “the Viognier has spicy floral aromas, reminiscent of peach blossom, apricot and passionfruit, while the Semillon adds creamy texture and a hint of buttered toast”. While I am not a wine expert, I could clearly decipher the floral aromas and surely, the creamy texture of this great wine.

The ‘J’ wine goes very well with spicy food like Indian or Thai. It can also be had as an aperitif in my opinion – can just drink it on its own.

I have not yet discovered this wine on the wine shelves here in Singapore, I am going to check out. For approximately USD 10, the ‘J’ wine is of fantastic value comparable more to the USD 30 – 50 range of wines.

But what endears me to this great wine is its unique aroma and the easy drinking taste. My wife found the wine amazing, and that seals my determination to source a few more bottles of this wine ASAP !

Try it !!


Vijay Srinivasan
11 January 2014


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