Dynastic Politics in Democracies

The Congress Party of India did not announce that Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the Indira Gandhi Family, will be its prime ministerial candidate should it win the National Elections scheduled for April / May 2014.

But it was amply clear that he will become the Prime Minister of India if the Congress Party manages to win the Elections. That is because the sycophants of the Congress Party cannot think of any other qualified leader to lead their party. They can only select a leader who is from the “family” irrespective of his / her credentials.

It is rather surprising that a group of competent leaders in the Congress Party choose to go ahead with such a choice, when Rahul Gandhi has not proven himself capable of any substantive leadership roles in all these years. Sonia Gandhi (his mother) has worked hard to lead the party and one can say that she has proved herself as a capable leader to lead the Congress Party though she is not of Indian origin – not surprising as her fawning followers would not tolerate a professional politician such as Mr P Chidambaram (the current Finance Minister) to become the leader of the party.

So while Sonia has led the party for almost two decades now, her son Rahul Gandhi has been found wanting in the leadership department. Neither has he proved himself capable of anything else in his life. So, it is rather very surprising to see that the able, old leaders of the Congress Party (including Dr Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister) are ready to fall at Rahul’s feet and unequivocally state that he is the best choice for India’s Prime Minister, which is one of the biggest roles and responsibilities in the free world.

Well, the Congress Party seems to think that only the family members of the Indira Gandhi – Jwaharlal Nehru could lead them to victory at the hustings. They will be sorely disappointed this time around, as the challenges facing the Congress Party and its Coalition parties are nothing short of astounding proportions – there is sleaze, scandals, corruption, cheating, crime, apathy, protection of criminals, and what not.

This must be one of the most despised regimes in the history of free India, and there is every reason to see that it would rather fail than continue the torture of Indians moving forward. The problem is that the alternatives are not great, and India is going to suffer because it has marginalized the big political parties at the national level in favour of the smaller regional or state parties which are parochial.

Let us see how things turn out in the next 4 months, but one thing is sure – the dynastic politics of the grand old party of India is on the decline, and one can clearly see that its days are numbered.


Vijay Srinivasan
19th January 2014


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