Voice from the Past

Today I had the rare opportunity to hear a voice from the past.

While it is not strictly true that I am hearing that voice after some 23 years (having met the person sometime 12 years ago), it still had a big and pleasant impact on me.

It is rather surprising, isn’t it ? We are so used to new relationships forming every other day in our corporate and business life, and sometimes in personal life, that we tend to forget the importance and impact of some old voices from our past.

I had a long chat with that friend who called me this morning, we talked and talked and chatted about inconsequential anecdotes from our lives and how our lives have changed in all these years.

While talking, he remarked that it is all about our judgement and decisions that we continually make in our respective lives that causes our “rivers” to change course and navigate in the long journey of life. We could have made different decisions which would have made us richer or happier, for instance. We always tend to compare with those folks who used to work with us in the past and who continued to toil in almost the same job for decades but who are in a much better position today. All that is natural, right ?

My friend said that at the end of the day, everything is relative – there is no absolute richness or happiness or even an absolute comparison. I joked that his intellectual capacity seems to have been enhanced over the years as maturity is catching up on him. He made other rather unsavoury remarks and we laughed for quite some time !

In any case, long lost voices add a sense of bonhomie and conviviality to one’s self and enhances the self esteem. I am sure it happened to my ex-colleague and friend who called me today. I told him specifically that he needs to derive far more wisdom by regularly reading my blog ! He may not understand but it would eventually help him !!

It was a good and pleasant chat, and more meaningful as life goes on……..we still remember and recall the petty incidents which energized our lives in those distant past years………..we recall the people we were working with……all that is amusing and energizing. We try to find out what happened to all those folks.

Good, hope we can do such things more often in our lives,


Vijay Srinivasan
25th January 2014


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