Persimmons – better than Apples

I have always loved to eat the persimmon fruit. Not available in India, but has been available in Singapore for as long as I can recall. Initially, I used to see persimmons from China, and of late more persimmons from the Sharon valley of Israel.

Persimmons are a great and healthy fruit, the only downside being that their availability is limited to the period December to March (at least that is the case in Singapore). A box of 9 persimmons from Sharon valley costs a little less than USD 3 in Singapore. I am sure it is going to be cheaper in Israel !

I have tried both the China persimmons and the Sharon valley persimmons. Though the fruit originated in China, my vote goes to the sweeter and fleshier persimmons from Sharon.

Let us look at the health benefits of persimmons. While there are many, a quick summary as follows (as adopted from “Nutrition and You”):

1. Rich source of Dietary Fiber (more than that of apple)
2. Low in calories
3. Contains anti-oxidants and anti-tumour compounds
4. Good source of Vitamin C and many B-Complex Vitamins
5. Contains minerals such as manganese, phosphorous, copper, and potassium, all beneficial to our health

Without going too much into the biological and chemical terms, the above list summarizes the benefits of persimmons. It is a fabulous fruit with a fantastic sweet taste, but somehow I could not convince my kids to go for it. We should all try this fruit, and my only regret is that it is not available right through the year.

Try it soon ! Before it is gone for the year !!


Vijay Srinivasan
2nd February 2014


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