Continuing the Exercise Pattern

I believe that the most important parameter of a healthy feeling is to maintain consistency in whatever we do on a daily, routine basis.

There should not be radical changes in one’s life pattern.

And that principle applies to exercise.

Whether be it gym, jogging, walking, home exercises, or yoga, one has to practice the same consistently and daily.

That is the secret to obtaining the best results from the time invested into such exercises.

While I try to maintain consistency, I could reach only between 80 to 90% of maintaining a routine regular schedule due to my travels, during which I find it is rather difficult to go to the hotel gym in the morning, and evenings are occupied by client dinners.

I think that % is a good enough achievement, as I know of many people who struggle to hit even 50% consistency.

Of course, achieving it 100% is the best investment as then the body expects and receives the treatment it deserves, and then delivers the health that we all so badly need to run a happy life.

I hope I am making sense here.

I recently recalibrated my work-out sessions.

At the gym (which I go to only on Saturdays and Sundays), I do the treadmill and light weights for 50 minutes, and I have maintained the drill without much change. On the treadmill, I do 3.5 KMs and expend around 180+ calories, with average heart rate around 115.

While I go walking around my place on weekday mornings, I do approximately 3.0 KMs in 30 minutes.

This pattern has continued for long, and nowadays I feel a bit down if I do not carry out this exercise. If I exercise in the same pattern, then I feel “good”.

So, I continue my exercise pattern, and I hope you do too.

Nothing replaces exercise for achieving good health – not medicines, not reading, not chatting. One got to exercise. And, exercise daily.


Vijay Srinivasan
5th April 2014


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