Etna – an Italian Experience

Recently, we had been to “Etna” an Italian restaurant in the East side of Singapore. Most people know about the Etna volcano in the Sicily region of Italy, and this restaurant uses ingredients from Sicily. The one on East Coast Road is tucked away from the main line of eateries and has a nice ambience and friendly Italian staff.

We had the Burrata Mozzarella Cheese for the starter (with cherry tomatoes and rocket green), it was straight from Italy and just amazing. At first I did not believe it was worth its big price, but my wife convinced it was surely worth a try, having tried the same during her trip to Italy. Now I believe (though I think there must be a more inexpensive way to source it from somewhere). The freshness of the cheese was fabulous (it comes like a “mound” of white cheese, a bit scary to touch as it slips off the fork with a smooth creaminess).

For the main course, my wife ordered the Risotto ai Funghi Porcini (Carnaroli Rice cooked in Porcini broth with sauteed mushrooms and fresh rosemary). It was absolutely delicious.

I ordered the Margherite al Pistacchio di Bronte (Handmade Walnuts and Four Cheeses Ravioli in Bronte Pistachio Sauce). Simply outstanding !

But we have to caution that the main course quantities are rather small but with high prices. I could have easily had twice my portion. Not happy with the price vs. quantity ratio, though I am not complaining about the quality or taste.

To go with the above truly Italian food, we ordered some wine. Before ordering, I had a chat with the Executive Chef (understand she is the only female Italian Chef in all of Singapore !) on the choice of wines. My wife suggested a red (she usually prefers a white), and so we were challenged with a mostly Italian wine list, so had to consult. The Chef sent two different red wines, both of which tasted light on our palate – so eventually, I asked for the only NZ red that they had on their wine list. The Executive Chef took offence (in a smiling way) telling us that she was offended that we would choose a non-Italian wine ! Finally, she convinced us to go with a very fruity Italian wine – the Joseph Gewurzttraminer from the Northern part of Italy, adjoining Germany. It was almost like a Zinfandel, but it was not. It was a great red from Italy, and the Chef and another waiter mentioned that to us twice – such a proud people ! They are proud of their country, its culture, its agriculture, its wines and their history !!

For dessert, we had the Pannacotta Allo Yoghurt E Lamponi (Light Yoghurt Panna Cotta, fresh raspberries compote), it was an excellent finale to what was an outstanding anniversary dinner !

The experience further solidified our preference for Italian food in general, which continues to retain the #1 position when we head out for dinner.

Very good experience at Etna, strongly recommended, but they will do well to enhance the size of their main course offerings !


Vijay Srinivasan
20th April 2014


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