Dallas Travels

I have not been able to continue posting on my Blog due to inconsistent WiFi availability and my travel schedules.

I have been in Dallas for the past week, and enjoying its balmy weather, though there have been some thunderstorms and a sudden drop in temperature. However, overall it has been clear and sunny weather.

I went around shopping over the weekend, and found that the prices in general are around half that of similarly branded products in Singapore. Why won’t Singapore then become the most expensive place in the world ? While I can understand reasonable profit-making which is an integral part of any business activity, I am unable to understand and appreciate profiteering. I have, of course, known this for quite some time, but this time around the extent of the price difference for exactly the same product (like a branded dress shirt) surprised me negatively.

Apart from outlet mall shopping and a visit to the John F Kennedy Memorial Plaza / Book Depository, there is nothing much one can do in Dallas without a car. Taxis are very expensive, and public transport is almost non-existent. However, I discovered the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) train service, which I used from Plano suburbs (Parker Road Station) to go directly to downtown West End Station which is 5 minutes away from the JFK Memorial Plaza. It was a convenient ride, though the trains are dated and slow. It took 50 minutes to cover a distance of some 30 miles, but costs only USD 5 for a day pass which means one-way journey is much less expensive even if you do not use the all day pass.

This was the second time I visited the JFK Museum. It was special this time however, as my first daughter was with me, and we spent almost two hours going around the Museum and listening to President JFK speaking on various occasions. I continue to be impressed with the progress that JFK made in just a short 1,000 days of his Presidency.

The food options in Dallas are tremendous, as is to be expected in Texas. I enjoyed various cuisines, though my preference tended to be towards the hot varieties such as Mexican, Thai and Indian/Chinese. The “hotness” quotient is misunderstood here, relative to Asia, as what people here consider as “hot” chilli sauce is not really that hot though it looks very “red”.

Overall, it has been a pleasant experience in Dallas, as I also spent time with my class mates from yester years – two of them actually, and my daughter also visited me in Dallas. Wonderful time, indeed.


Vijay Srinivasan
3rd May 2014


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