Mahboob at Macy’s

I was looking to buy a suit during my recent trip to Dallas.

I went to Brooks Brothers, Macy’s, J Crew, and JC Penny over a weekend of shopping around Dallas.

Eventually, I bought a suit at Macy’s from a guy called Mahboob at their rather extensive collection of suits and blazers. I was looking at buying a black or blue suit with pin stripes, which is the one that I did not possess, and obviously I was looking for American pricing given the outrageous prices in Singapore.

The moment I walked into the suiting area, Mahboob approached me with a loud welcome, signifying his old-world approach to pushy selling. I was a bit reluctant, as I did not wish to get “sold”, but rather wanted some simple guidance. The salesman he is, Mahboob understood that I wanted only one kind of suit but all the same he wanted to preach me on how to select a suit. I was a little embarrassed as almost all shoppers in that area could clearly hear his voice and also could see me in front of him – a person who looked a little unsure of what he wants to do next (me).

Mahboob firmly guided me around and demonstrated how to select a suit. When I was not sure about the rather low price of a particular brand of suit, he said that the higher priced ones are something that I could potentially look at – no problem – but the one he showed me first was the one which would fit me best !

Without naming the brands of suits, I was taken around the suiting area, and shown a couple of other suits. He demonstrated the way one should pull the jacket forward to test if it fits well, and pull the bottom of the jacket with folded palms to see if the length of the jacket is appropriate, etc., He also proved to me that a slim fit jacket won’t suit me well, and a classic fit would be my best bet.

Finally, I agreed – and my daughter supported the choice, and I bought the suit from Mahboob at an atrociously low price in my opinion for a jacket of an excellent quality and brand. I hope I would not regret that choice. I felt so touched by Mahboob’s guidance in the process that I went back after a while and thanked him.

Sometimes, old school of selling is the best !


Vijay Srinivasan
4th May 2014


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