The World is Getting More Complex

I could not find a better title for the topic that I had in my mind………!

So, here you go…….!!

As we look around, we see an increasingly complex world everywhere we see. It should actually be getting simpler, with the free flow of information facilitated by the internet and more adoption of democracy.

But it is not.

Internet is restricted in most countries, or is being watched closely by the powers that be. Internet is no longer a free medium for human collaboration or expression. Free expression of thoughts is forbidden in many countries, thought it is on the internet, and not in print media.

There is global spying going on. Our phones are no longer secure. Our private conversations are no longer private. Our plans and schedules for any kind of activity are being viewed by unseen eyes. There is no secrecy anymore. There is no privacy anymore.

Adoption of democracy and strengthening of democratic institutions are dropping around the world, even in developed countries. It is not difficult to believe this phenomenon, there are many examples should you care to look around and follow the news media.

Authoritarianism is on the rise. Rulers who challenge the very notion of civic liberty are in power in many countries around the world. The world population of prisoners is on the rise, surprisingly in the developed part of the world. There are thousands of prisoners of conscience.

All these things point to one conclusion: the world is no longer a free place, as we all desired it to be. Terrorism and national security have been used as guises for many of the freedom-restricing moves by governments around the world. There is simply no accountability, even to the law makers.

So, we are headed for some anarchy before someone grabs a world leadership in kicking out the bad habits garnered over the past decade or so. Who is that going to be ?

May be an European country. We don’t know.

At the end of the day, the world has become a challenging place to conduct our own lives and is getting to be more complex by the day. While the youngsters (a.k.a teenagers and early twenty-somethings) are apparently completely oblivious of these happenings, and seem to be enjoying the world as they see it, they will get a rude awakening one day when their privacy is out on the street, and they get challenged on their views and public opinions.

The middle-aged and older folks have seen some vestiges of undemocratic behaviour and spying activities in the past, especially during the cold war days and the couple of decades leading up to the eighties, so what is happening now is not a completely total surprise.

Complexity can be handled, but it requires a sense of advanced maturity not commonly found. There are some folks who relish the enhanced complexity which comes to their lives due to all the above happenings, but they are in a minority. Most folks cannot handle such stuff well.

I am still continuing to think on this topic, and might publish a follow-on soon. In the meanwhile, watch out folks !!!


Vijay Srinivasan
25th May 2014


One thought on “The World is Getting More Complex

  1. Smita Dwivedi

    Nice blog Vj. Makes me think that may be I should get away from my cellphone and constant net surfing. But then I panic as life has become so dependent on these. Whats the way out?

    Love your blogs. Guess it’s only you who I read religiously.


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