Walk along ECP

This morning I went for a long walk with my wife along the East Coast Parkway. We have done this a few times, and I have always enjoyed these walks. Apart from the serenity of the place, its cleanliness and discipline of the cyclists and joggers have always impressed me.

Of course, the long walk also gives an opportunity to talk things over with your partner !

The East Coast Park is probably 20 KMs long, and you can choose whichever section works for you. Some sections are straight and monotonous, some are curving and touching water bodies, etc.,

The issue is always the weather. Even at 6 AM, the humidity is rather high, and one wonders if his/her physical effort or the humidity which is causing the sweat in the first instance. At 7 AM it is quite warm, and it is better to get back home after that. I don’t understand how people are jogging during mid-morning times, when the temperatures cross 32 deg Celsius.

Nevertheless, long walks are always a good thing to do, and I would prefer these to the treadmill walks which put stress on your knees. Natural gait and walk are always the best thing to do, and I do that five times a week. The minimum distance that I walk is 3 KMs – while that is less than what I do on the treadmill, I find that to be healthier and engrossing as I tend to absorb the surroundings while walking. On the treadmill, one keeps looking at the numbers flashing on the display, and trying to keep up all the while to ensure that the numbers are ever increasing while the heart beat is either constant or decreasing.

Well, natural walk in a brisk manner, covering at least 1 to 1.2 KMs every 10 minutes or so (or faster), is one of the best ways to keep your body in good mood for the rest of the day. I have learnt it after a long while, but it has been working for me for the past few years.

I encourage everyone to do it, but many folks don’t wish to get up early and do this stuff. Morning is the best time for brisk walk, not after a tiring day in the evening time.

These are my thoughts and actions, and hope the approach will help you, Mr. Reader of this blog post.


Vijay Srinivasan
25th May 2014


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