Antoinette Breakfast

Today, we headed out for an unusual Parisian Breakfast – that was not by design, but we wanted something different.

We chose the Mandarin Gallery as the venue for breakfast as it had three well-established, well-known restaurants – Wild Honey (of course), Providore and Antoinette. We first went into Providore, but I was not impressed with their menu selection. I wanted a little broader menu, and that was available in Antoinette.

Antoinette is a Parisian-looking restaurant – not big at all, but from the outside the French impact was unmistakable. We were the first diners and got one of those regal set of chairs, which I really liked. There must be some royal lineage somewhere, I guess. Ha Ha !!!

The menu was good but quite overpriced, in my opinion. That is anyway the first impression I get in most of these high-sounding places, so I would discount about 50% of my overpricing guess, which still makes the place expensive to a certain extent.

Each one of us ordered a different kind of breakfast. I chose the Nordic Savoury Crepe – classic French style thin savoury pancakes served with salad – it had smoked salmon (salty and tasty !), red onions (not red at all), capers and dill cream cheese. They do not serve a sauce to go with this crepe, while they do serve mushroom sauce with the other crepes. Don’t know why. May be salmon does not go well with sauce of the mushroom type – probably yes.

This Nordic Crepe was good and filling, though I initially thought I would still be left hungry. It was a good production from a chef who obviously has been well trained in the French way of cooking.

Others in my family took different types of crepes, and my wife opted for a Blini, which is a thick French pancake. She loved it.

It was an expensive breakfast but it was unique with some style – and anything French cannot be cheap, right ?

You can surely give a try, but you must like Western food for breakfast or lunch…….if you are looking for anything spicy, this is not the place !

We liked Antoinette.


Vijay Srinivasan
14th June 2014


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