Unnecessary War

There are many unnecessary wars going on around the world currently.

One of these is the Israeli – Palestinian conflict in the Gaza strip.

I strongly believe Israel has “a right to exist”. In the past, I have vacillated between Israel and Palestine, and always believed that the longstanding conflict should have been settled long time ago between the two ancient civilizations in a civilized manner based on mutual discussions, dialogue and negotiations.

But that has been wishful thinking for most rational governments around the world.

Israel and Palestine continue to fight at the drop of the hat, though on this most recent occasion it was hugely impacted by the murder of an innocent Israeli teenager which then precipitated a revenge killing of sort, leading to a Palestinian teenager’s murder.

This is a never-ending cycle of vicious acts, snuffing out lives from poor innocent folks from ordinary life. The continuous rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel did not help matters in the least.

So now Israel has invaded Gaza, and over 1,000 ordinary Palestinians have been killed in the past couple of weeks. And, surprisingly there have been deaths on Israeli side as well (some 37 and counting).

This is no good. Like Israel has a right to exist, the world has to realize that Palestine has an independent right to exist as a sovereign nation. Only that diplomatic solution will solve this stupid struggle which invariably leads to the sacrifice of hundreds of civilians on both sides.

The United Nations should do something to arrest more civilian deaths immediately. Israel, with its infinitely more firepower and strengths, should take a leadership position and push everyone to the negotiating table from a position of strength. Civilian deaths caused by unnecessary wars will always remain in the conscience of democratic nations, and it would be difficult to erase the impact and memories for many generations.

Who wants to be in the unenviable position of having to create permanent enemies for future generations ? I am sure Israel does not want to be in that position. Neither should Palestine. And, the United Nations, in its primary role as arbiter of world peace, should not allow such position to be taken by either side.

I hope that sanity would prevail on both sides rather quickly and the world would stop this interminable blood bath affecting common folks.

Let us see what happens this week.


Vijay Srinivasan
27th July 2014

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