Fragility of Human Life

I am appalled at the seriously wasteful loss of human life in Gaza. Over the past few months, thousands of lives have been lost if one counts all the on-going conflicts around the world – Iraq, Syria, Western Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, and now Gaza.

The United Nations, a completely useless organization when it comes to protecting and defending the lives of innocent citizens due to its toothless provisions acceding all power to the other useless organ of world politics, viz., the United Nations Security Council, spends a lot of money but has always been unable to do its job.

You may not agree completely with the rather aggressive statement above, but I am sure you would at least partially agree. Everyone around the world can see for themselves the futility of the United Nations. You can also witness the helplessness of even the most powerful nations of the world in arresting this totally wasteful and repugnant loss of life.

This time around, Israel has lost heavily as well, with 64 soldiers dead along with a few civilians. But on the other side, Gaza has lost over 1,700 civilians due to the heavy bombardment in a rather dense strip of land. The bombing and the launch of rockets from Gaza continue non-stop leading to an inevitable, continuous escalation which did not even respect the latest 72-hour cease-fire that was negotiated with great difficulty.

What is the solution for resolving this madness on both sides ?

The Gaza territory should come under United Nations mandate (although I just said that the U.N. is totally useless, there is no alternative). Gaza should be disarmed completely, and Israel should stop bombing Gaza immediately. Palestinians have to accept that Israel has the right to exist and a right to defend itself against aggression. Israel should accept that a Statehood for Palestine with contiguous borders is an inevitable conclusion, if not today, in a couple of years time.

I am far away from the conflict, and has virtually no feeling for either side. But I do have compassion for the residents of Gaza who are showing fleeing their homes, but with nowhere to go. This is a rather pitiable situation – if they stay at their homes, they are most likely to be hit by bombs.

Whatever happened to the convention that civilians in dense city areas should not be bombed indiscreetly ? Israel should recognize that it should respect humanitarian rules and regulations and defend all civilian lives when it is engaged in a conflict. With its history and religious influence, I think Israel should take a more balanced and nuanced view of the situation on the ground and listen to its friends. More destruction of lives will come to haunt Israel in the years to come, and that won’t be good given that Israel has to live in extremely close proximity to Palestine – it cannot change its neighbours.

And for Gaza residents, here is a word of advice – do not allow your homes, offices and other buildings to be used for attacking Israel. It will not help you in the near term or in the long term. It is better to be even remote friends with Israel forever, for your own well being.


Vijay Srinivasan
03 August 2014


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