Faith Kills

Time and again, the world has witnessed the destructive powers of religious faiths.

Religion should remain in the personal purview of every individual.

Once it becomes a collective faith, the herd mentality sets in, and the followers become rigorous in their pursuits of “religious purity”.

Even followers who are not considered as ardent followers or devotees stand at a disadvantage when the militaristic pose is assumed by the more serious followers.

Forget about the followers of other religious faiths !

This is at the core of the issues we are facing in the world today, and has always been a core issue in the millenniums past.

Witness the emergence of new forms of more aggressive religious faiths in the recent past, and you would understand what I am talking about.

When religion assumes such powers over man, the implications are vast and disproportionate to the faith itself. Faith, in itself, is not something to be sniffed about – it is an important part of everyday life for all of us. We have to believe in something – does not matter if it is Quantum Physics, for that matter.

However, the blind application of faith, to the complete exclusion of everything and everybody else, is surely not a good thing for humankind.

It will lead to destruction of lives and property, and an emergence of a tougher and ruthless variety of humans who do not care about the lives of non-followers or non-believers, or even women and children. They just wish to get ahead and establish their faith and everyone else will be killed.

What kind of faith is that ?

There is no political or economic or religious solution to such a situation. There is only one solution – stop such faiths on their tracks.

Demilitarize the ordinary folks who are sucked into such faiths. They are getting dehumanized, and we have to move fast to stop the carnage of harmless, ordinary citizens.

Is this the responsibility of the government ?

Yes, of course.

Governments have to take action.

If they don’t, eventually the destruction will become unprecedented and unstoppable.

Then, it will become impossible to stop.

So, it is time to take a hard, long and deep view of things around the world which are being passionately driven by blind faiths.

There is no reason why ordinary folks should be affected by such faiths.

Faith has always killed, and continues to kill.

Time to revisit the notion of faith itself.

Better to believe in oneself and the folks around us first !


Vijay Srinivasan
31st August 2014


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