Luis Felipe Edwards Chardonnay

It has been a while……….I haven’t written about wines for quite some time I guess.

Recently, I picked up this wine from Chile with a long name – Luis Felipe Edwards Chardonnay 2012 as well as a Cabernet Sauvignon 2012. While the red was passable (will write about it later), the Chardonnay was not great.

I have great admiration for wines from Chile, and have written earlier about some Chilean wines in this blog. So, I tend to pick Chilean and South African wines in general, as opposed to the over-priced wines from Australia (very rarely one gets the good Australian wines on sale).

So, I was surprised when LFE Chardonnay did not live up to its promise. While the Chardonnay colour (pale golden yellow) was good in keeping with the wines from Valle Central of Chile, I did not get the fruity-flavours that the bottle promised. It did not go well with chicken and pastas, which I thought it will match well.

The tropical fruit flavours such as melon and pineapple did not come through, and the wine did not finish well. I was disappointed. The red was not bad, but I always start with the whites and hence the mild disappointment.

In any case, I know LFE is a well-established and reputed winery, and I am sure that their other wines would be good. In Singapore, I could get only the Chardonnay and the Cabernet Sauvignon however from their classic varietals.

I will not be going for their Chardonnay however.

There are many other fabulous Chardonnays from Chile which continue to dazzle. Let us keep trying ! Nothing like a cool, good Chardonnay for a Saturday evening (any evening for that matter !).


Vijay Srinivasan
31st August 2014


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