The Wild Honey Experience

I recently had the opportunity of enjoying a very late breakfast at Wild Honey in Scotts Square Singapore.

Wild Honey is well known for its all day breakfast and is always packed to full house with many folks waiting outside to get in. Unless you make an early reservation a few days in advance, it is almost impossible to get a table during the super heavy weekend traffic.

The restaurant in Scotts Square is spacious, though I did not like the smallness of the table when the portions are so big, leaving very little space for anything else including the drinks. The three-seater tables are awkward being in the way of other diners and one of the chairs is a little cushion sofa with a very low height making it inconvenient when eating.

The other issue is the constant foraying of the waiters back and forth because of the way the tables are arranged. They carry a lot of stuff in their hands and come dangerously close to your heads. And, they don’t seem to be smiling that often.

The restaurant experience is not just based on the food variety and quality – it ought to be a “wholesome” experience which would then make it enjoyable and encourage a repeat visit.

I think in this experience creation, Wild Honey comes up short.

However, the food was good. It was completely Western with a wide variety of egg-based offerings. I ordered “Under the Tuscan Sun Sandwich” which was delicious (this is a vegetarian sandwich). According to the menu, the description of this sandwich is “Caramelized red onions, roasted red peppers, grilled portobello mushrooms, buffalo mozzarella & arugula puree on grilled Elsasser bread with breakfast potatoes”. The bread was very good.

Apart from the sandwich, I also ordered sauteed mushrooms which were delicious. Combined with some black coffee, the breakfast was a complete package. It is a bit higher on the price side, but given that the restaurant is located in an up-market mall and given the quality of the ingredients used, I doubt it could be any less.

Overall, Wild Honey is a breakfast you wouldn’t want to miss, though the experience may not be repeated……..unless they change the seating layout and improve customer service quality.


Vijay Srinivasan
14th September 2014


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