Irrational Possessiveness

The title sounds big, right ?

But this is about ordinary consumers lining up for upgrading their phones to the latest Apple iPhone6, with many of them clutching iPhones which they have been using for sometime. Most folks were holding or using iPhone 5 (not even the 4s), which is not that old – less than 2 years.

There is this irrational drive in people who just cannot accept to wait out till a reasonable time for replacing their very good existing phones which indeed are working well. Either they have to beat others to the race for the title of the first guy who is going to be seen with the latest iPhone 6, or they just cannot afford to look at or use their current iPhones when a new one has been released.

I witnessed this when I went to a phone shop to enquire about something. There were long queues, and I rightly guessed that most of them were there to upgrade their phones as almost every counter was having a new iPhone box which was getting opened up for the customer sitting in front of the counter. Now, I can understand the continuing success of Apple which has created an irrational exuberance and drive in its iPhone users.

I agree that iPhone users are willing than other phone users to throw money around at Apple – it does not matter really what Apple brings to the party. Apple customers stick to Apple all the way. I was a convert from Android to Apple, and I plan to continue with Apple iPhones, though I do not intend to change other devices at home. My own personal computer still remains a trusted Lenovo, I don’t yet use the Apple TV, and I have my own cloud apart from the one offered via iCloud by Apple. I don’t intend to buy the new Apple iWatch.

But that behaviour is not normal. Apple has long managed to seduce its customers with rather devilishly appealing products which focus more on design and form factor, rather than on sheer number performance. Apple’s penetration into leading schools and universities ensures its dominance, which has been crystallized over the past decade or so.

However, I concluded that there is no real urgent need for me to upgrade my iPhone 5 with 32GB memory to an iPhone 6 at this point in time. May be I will eventually upgrade to just get the iPhone 6 and pass the same to a loved one. That is entirely possible. I believe that products once purchased after careful evaluation, should be used at least for 3 years, and I intend to stick to that rule.

In the meanwhile, crowds are swelling at phone shops and days are not far away when folks will be sporting the iPhone 6 as though it is an ornamental accessory to their way of life. Nothing much is going to change in their lives of course- with or without the iPhone 6 !

Enjoy the long weekend folks, and avoid the crowds !!


Vijay Srinivasan
5th October 2014


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