The Complex Human

It always surprises me that humans keep tending towards more and more complexity in their lives, which ought to be simpler in the first place.

Somehow, complexity adds to the mysteriousness of folks we meet, specifically the new people that we are introduced to in get-togethers for instance. There is some aura when people speak up confidently, almost in some sort of pushy manner with a self-projection which is unabashed. I have seen this many a time, and I am not taken aback, for sure. What puzzles me is the consistency of these folks who seem to be living a larger than life scenario, and project a picture of consistent self-confidence that overshoots my assessment of their self-worth.

Such behaviour confirms my view that people are happier to live in their self-defined world scenario which is unadulterated by more sober creatures. To a certain extent, I would not blame their tendency as the world around us indeed tends to get confused and muddled with happenings so varied in their nature that consistency becomes a prized possession.

I keep observing how people move about in gatherings and how they interact with others, especially the newbies. With familiar folks, the buck does not go very far, as the assumption of familiar folks about the self-serving proclamations is more or less correct. Nevertheless, the familiarity itself brings about a belief that the chest-thumping is expected in any case, and gets defeated in a sense when that action is not performed.

Well, I wrote something above which I am finding difficult to understand myself. However, I believe that simpler people who have accomplished things in their lives tend to be humble, self-driven and almost simpleton in their approach and behaviour. I am always impressed with such folks who communicate in a subtle and firm manner, and do not make claims though they may deserve the same given their accomplishments.

Complexity in thought processes is not a bad thing in itself. Many people think in complex terms on simple matters. There is no issue with that. When it is something to do with one’s life, that may not be a bad thing at all, as life is always complex to start with.

However, when one carries that complexity into daily interactions, then it becomes challenging as other folks may not understand the need for complexity, and may be wish to deal with stuff in the most simplistic manner. Hence performance and behaviour need to be simplified so that there is much productivity in interactions to be achieved.

People tend to be more complex than they need to portray. Complex human behaviour, in itself, does not add significant value to human interactions. Simple people who interact in a simple manner are far easier to understand and deal with by most of the people around.

Unfortunately, I tend to think and also act in a complex manner which I am trying to address as life goes along. The objective is two-fold: one is to have more meaningful interaction in every aspect of life, and the other is to accomplish things in a faster manner.

Think about it !


Vijay Srinivasan


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