The Uber Experience

In a busy city like Singapore, taxis are always in short supply.

Though there are over 28,000 taxis in a city of 5.4M residents, it appears that taxis are never in sight when you look for one.

So, it is not a surprise that new taxi apps keep emerging all the time. I have always consistently used the “On Call” Comfort Taxi app, which has almost always delivered a taxi 95% of the time. The other one I tried is the Grab Taxi, about which I was not impressed after a first shot. Then came Uber.

Uber is actually a new kind of taxi service (unlike Grab Taxi). It has several types of offerings – the regular service, the UberX and the Uber Exec. I have tried the regular service several times, and the UberX for just one time.

The regular Uber service brings the standard taxi service companies’ taxis to your door. I asked the taxi driver the first time I used about this as I was surprised. He said that taxis are not prohibited from using various kinds of apps to get customers. He also said that Uber is getting popular with new kinds of promotions, attracting the business crowd. He was being paid by Uber anyway every week Wednesday and he gets the customers via the Uber app on his smart phone mounted on the dashboard (he had two smartphones and the regular taxi company’s GPS terminal).

So the regular service is not anything new, except as a new customer you get some promotional offer, and then as an existing customer, you get different promotions such as a dollar off for every ride, no booking fee for a limited period, etc., However, I find that the Uber regular taxi service is now getting harder to find a taxi and the UberX did not produce a good result for the one single time I used it. Now that the government is thinking of regulating services such as Uber, it is going to be a challenge for them to offer anything but regular and authorized taxi services. In any case, the Uber regular service is a good service, though I have to caution that the taxis take longer to come as compared to the Comfort taxi service.

Overall, the taxi landscape in Singapore is not up to the mark desired by commuters. The taxi service is expensive, not easily available, and quality of service is dropping. Government cannot do much in this area, except to regulate basic parameters, it is really up to the cab companies to enhance their QOS and availability.


Vijay Srinivasan
30th November 2014


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