A Case of You

Sometimes, you just get attracted to a movie show on your on-demand movie channel on TV when you are channel surfing, and decide to watch though you have no clue of what kind of movie you are in for.

It happened to me last evening, when I was just flipping through the listing of movies on the on-demand movie channel (FOX Movies), and just randomly selected this one – “A Case of You”.

It was just an ordinary romantic movie, but I was charmed by the chemistry that was fast developing between Justin Long and Evan Rachel Wood, the two lead actors of the movie. It was real funny to watch the antics of Justin Long who was trying to get the attention of Evan Wood. I was not seeing such antics for the first time though – there have been several movies, and I am sure there will be more romantic movies wherein you would see the seemingly meaningless moves made by either one of the pair to fall in love.

In this movie, Evan Wood eventually falls in love with Justin Long, but towards the end she reveals that she knew all the antics of Justin Long which mostly ended in failures. That was startling news for Justin Long.

It is a cute movie with not much of fast action or car chases – a simple everyday movie that plays out millions of times all over the world between two people who are trying to fall in love. The director probably did not execute to his perfection on this movie as it sometimes meanders around with no direction whatsoever. The actors do their bit, but again not to their peak performance levels. If there is one actor who needs to be rewarded for decent performance, that would be Justin Long who has tried his best to improve an otherwise listless movie.

It is almost always the case that one of the lovers is trapped into a self-defeating mode, and this movie is no exception. Justin Long falls into that mode, and almost breaks the relationship. But eventually he gets together with Evan Wood, and the movie finishes with a happy ending.

Overall, this movie does not even a 3 out of 5 star rating, but it was nice to watch on a Saturday evening with no prize for guessing what is going to happen next. I knew it was going to end positively, so I felt no pressure or edge-of-the-seat tension.


Vijay Srinivasan
7th December 2014


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