Rosemount Shiraz Cabernet 2013

Very good blend of two grape varietals from down under……I was actually reluctant to select this wine against a wide selection of other more well-known wines, primarily from Chile, Italy, and South Africa. I had come to the conclusion sometime ago that Australian wines are over-priced even for the cheaper varieties in Singapore, and the really good ones are priced above SGD 50 and more. So gradually I had shifted to Chilean and South African wines and found them to be not only 30 to 40% less expensive but also equally good.

I had tried out Rosemount Estate wines in the past and found them to be decent. So I thought why not try this apparently new 2013 wine of Shiraz Cabernet which I had not tried out. The decision was right and I believe it also was priced right around SGD 22 (cannot recall the exact price).

This wine was a smooth one, and blends the spicy Shiraz and the ripe blackcurrant flavours of Cabernet rather well. It was easy to drink even without paired food, though I also found it goes well with pasta.

Rosemount Estate is a well known winery from the Hunter Region of Australia, not that old though. However, its wines are of good quality and have won many international awards.

Overall, this is a good wine that pleases with good nose, colour and a spiciness that is suited to my preferences. Enjoy it !


Vijay Srinivasan
14th December 2014


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