Love Waste of Time

If you do not understand the topic of this post, you are yet to see the latest movie from Bollywood – PK. Yes, the name of the movie is just “PK”.

In general, I am not a fan of Bollywood (or, for that matter, Kollywood) movies. Note: For the uninitiated readers, Bollywood refers to movies from Bombay or Mumbai region of India, and Kollywood refers to movies from Madras or Chennai region in South India. Bollywood thinks it is a major global competitor of Hollywood from California in the U.S.

Bollywood and Kollywood movies, in general, lack substance. Their logic (for 90% of the movies made) is based on the tried and tested formula of love stories with good looking and famous actors and actresses trying to fall in difficult love situations and then gradually easing into serious, passionate lovers, in the meanwhile singing lots of meaningless songs. The Indian population worldwide enjoys these generally jolly-go-lucky movies as “time-pass” and the resident population of course wants to see the “unreal” stuff as the routine life in India is so taxing. Nobody wants to see the real “reality” of the humdrum livelihood, even if the artistic directors create movies based on that existence.

There are some 5% of Bollywood movies which try to alter the above equation and do so in a commercially successful manner.

PK is one such movie. It is a thoroughly enjoyable, light-hearted movie. Caution: This movie is not for religious fanatics from any religion – it makes light of various religions and religious practices.

The key actors in the movie have done a fabulous job – Aamir Khan, Anuskha Sharma, Boman Irani, et al. The movie is about an alien who lands on earth and loses his remote control which connects him with his mother space ship. He encounters hilarious and sometimes rather serious situations and people, and the director Rajkumar Hirani (the director of “Three Idiots”) has been successful in weaving through a series of occurrences which culminates in the alien finally going back to his own planet.

This movie is best when it is enjoyed with the family around oneself – though couple of scenes are meant for Adults Only – there is a lot of laughter all around, and generally a strong appreciation of the efforts of the director and the key actors. No wonder the movie is going to become one of the biggest box office hits of all time in India.

Enjoy the movie, but do not forget the learning from this movie – religion cannot be “brokered”. God does not need or depend on brokers between Himself and You. Religious divisions are distractions created by man.


Vijay Srinivasan
2nd January 2015


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