L’AVENIR Stellenbosch Pinotage 2012

Great wine from South Africa !

The L’Avenir Estate is located in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape Region of South Africa.

The Pinotage, a unique variant from South Africa, is one of the most famous wines from the L’Avenir Estate. It is usually not available in Singapore but is one of the well-known export wines from Stellenbosch.

The wine has a brilliant dark red colour with “fragrant floral notes” and nose of berries  with hints of vanilla and toffee. It takes a while to settle down and deliver the nose impact but it does that with great finesse.

The Pinotage, as I had expected, delivered a velvety texture, an excellent balance of flavours and a long elegant finish which I relished with great admiration. I have enjoyed Pinot Noir from Marlborough Estates in New Zealand, but those wines were of lighter varietals (though great in every aspect), but The Pinotage from L’Avenir was completely different with a superb and soft fruity (slightly heavier) impact on the nose with a luxurious finish which I am unable to describe fully.

I enjoyed this wine (I do not know the price as it was a gift) which is priced at Rand 120 online and that translates to just SGD 14 (USD 10.5). It is surely worth the price. It is only that it is not available in Singapore ! Sigh !!


Vijay Srinivasan

11th January 2015


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