Rhebokskloof Chardonnay 2012

This is a new find, introduced to me by my daughter who picked it up at an airport duty-free shop recently.

Rhebokskloof is an old winery located near Cape Town in South Africa – it was established in 1797 !

it is difficult to get such wines in Singapore. This Chardonnay costs less than USD 10, but it is a lovely Chardonnay. This wine is dominated by citrus and nutty flavours – not seen in Chardonnays from elsewhere. Nice aromas with freshness create an excellent Chardonnay which goes well with creamy pastas and fish.

This is not a “light” chardonnay, instead it is full-bodied and I liked its wholesome impact – more like a red. It was easy to drink, but with delays commensurate with the enjoyment of a full-bodied wine.

This is a good wine, and I am sure that the other Rhebokskloof wines would be equally good – they seem to have a full range, and their winery is located in scenic, mountainous surroundings just 60 KMs from Cape Town.

One day, I will find my way to their winery and take a wine tour !

Enjoy your wines !!


Vijay Srinivasan

18th January 2015


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