Walk Improvement

New research indicates that brisk walking for just 20 minutes will do the trick for improving one’s cardiovascular health. I am not able to cite that research here, but am sure you would be able to find that in a couple of minutes on the web.

The same research says that during that brisk walk, race your heart for some 30 seconds are so and then keep walking. I thought this meant that I have to run for some 30 seconds every couple of hundred metres of brisk walking. I have started doing this regularly in the morning, and the result has been good.

So, it works this way – I warm up the muscles for some 3 minutes or so, then start walking briskly early morning time; after 200 metres or so of such brisk walking, I start running (not very fast) for 30 seconds or so (need not be accurate – don’t look at your watch or phone !), and then stop and start walking briskly again. I repeat this over 2,000 metres and 30 minutes every morning.

This has made me feel better than the usual walk, and I believe that the research may be correct, though I do not have quantitative data to support the research. Periodic racing of the heart for a very short duration is considered to be good exercise for the heart and nothing more is needed, as per the research. There are many articles on the web which talk in detail about the benefits of brisk walking as compared to intense running. It is apparent that brisk walkers enjoy the same, if not better benefits as compared to the runners. What the heart needs is just an intense, short duration workout every day, and give that to the heart !

I am sure now that this is what the doctor ordered, and I am following this workout most of the days during the week. During weekends, I take a more leisurely beach walk, since that is devoted to discussing worldly affairs with my partner. Nevertheless, even such an “aerobic” walk is helpful for both physical and mental health.

Do something folks, get up and walk !


Vijay Srinivasan

1st March 2015


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