The Mangalore Experience

Last week I had been to Mangalore/India for personal work. Mangalore is located on the Western coastline of India in the state of Karnataka, and is accessible from Chennai (where I was visiting) only via Mumbai or Bangalore.

Mangalore is a nice small city, which is known for its very heavy rains during the monsoon season starting sometime in June and also for its wonderful cashews/dry fruits. It is at the confluence of multiple cultures, so people here speak many languages such as Kannada, Tulu, Konkan, and Malayalam (Mangalore is located around 10 KMs from the border with the Kerala State). It is also known for a significant portion of its eligible employees working in the Gulf (Middle East), just like Kerala.

I had good experience in my personal work which involved multiple parties working together in a short time span of less than 24 hours. Such an experience is rare in India. Everyone involved was professional and helpful. They ensured my work was completed on time, and I could get on to a flight back to Chennai the same evening.

I shopped for cashew nuts, dry fruits and banana chips with the help of a friend. The quality was excellent; the price was just right (may be slightly on the higher side because of better quality). For example, 250 GMs of roasted cashew nuts costs INR 260 or just SGD 6 (USD 4), which is cheaper than what you can get in Singapore of course.

I stayed for a night in a pretty decent hotel which costed just INR 1,400 or SGD 31 (USD 23), and the breakfast of 2 idlis, 1 vada and a nescafe coffee costed – you won’t believe this – just INR 70 or SGD 1.6 (USD 1.1). Amazing, isn’t it ? In Singapore, that food would set me back by SGD 10.

While the traffic on arterial roads was heavy, overall the traffic situation was not bad. There was thin traffic in the early hours of the afternoon, and when I left for the airport at 6 PM, I thought we are going to be held up in the evening traffic but it was not to be – there was not much traffic and I reached the airport in 25 minutes for a distance of some 16 KMs !

I had assumed that the old style cyber centres for providing internet access to consumers had disappeared in most cities, but Mangalore had a plethora of these centres. I had to use such a facility twice that day I was visiting Mangalore, since otherwise it would have taken considerable time to go to someone’s office or home. I got my e-ticket for the flight back to Chennai booked and issued at a cyber centre !

The airport was a nice experience – it is an international airport with good facilities and not much crowd. I got annoyed a bit in the waiting lounge as one of the passengers was shouting non-stop at a loud pitch into his cell phone and did not look like going to stop. I was disturbed because I was trying to concentrate at reading a new book I had bought – “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawande, and that required good concentration.

In a nutshell, Mangalore is a good city with nice people overall. And it is worth a visit for various reasons including the fact that it is located close to Udupi, Coorg and Manipal.


Vijay Srinivasan

12th April 2015


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