The Social Attack

It is difficult to imagine how we lived even a decade ago.

I mean, without social media like WhatsApp, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram and a variety of other networking platforms.

Today, one’s day starts with WhatsApp and probably ends with WhatsApp as well. There is a plethora of messages, pictures, videos of all sorts floating across WhatsApp groups. And, I do take pleasure in forwarding such “good” messages to different groups, thereby proliferating the circulation of messages across an exponentially expanding universe.

I am not so much a fan of FaceBook, though I occasionally see what’s going on in that world. But my children, like any other kids are big users of every conceivable, popular social media platform, and it is no wonder that most consumer companies are developing social media strategies to reach these young customers.

I sometimes think that the world was so much simpler a decade ago, with more physical social interactions. Now such interactions are on the decline and virtual interactions are increasing rapidly. The result is that we have a whole new generation of youngsters born after year 2000 who think and behave differently due to the impact of social media on their lives. They give less importance to physical interactions and consider deeper involvement with computers and mobile phones as a daily and in fact, an hourly necessity. Their attachment to electronic devices of all hues is not compatible with development of social skills. In fact, I wonder why social media is called by that name when the skills needed are anything but social. Virtual networking and social media connect are not the same as physical meetings and understanding achieved between human beings.

But then the world is surely moving in that direction – the way the youngsters want it.

This is going to be a significant challenge for parents, teachers, government, and other societal influencers. All future design of social systems have to take into account such behavioural patterns going forward.

Given the paucity of time in the corporate world, the social attack by social media presents both a huge challenge and a big market opportunity. Challenge in the sense that corporates have to devise strategies to deal with the social attack – it could be on customer service for example. Poor or inadequate response will lead to a public relations disaster, adversely affecting the company’s market position. Opportunity in the sense that, by properly tapping the social media, appropriate marketing strategies can be formulated for enhancing customer service and market share amongst the community which leverages social media extensively.

Time to think ! Many multinational corporations have already modified their marketing approach to the marketplace given the critical importance now attached to social media. What about you ?


Vijay Srinivasan

10th May 2015


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