Simonsig Pinotage Redhill 2012

Fabulous wine from South Africa !

My daughter gifted me this wine recently. Simonsig Estate is one of the oldest and most reputed of the South African vineyards, and is located near Cape Town. This is the first time I have enjoyed one of their wines, I have not seen it on the wine shelves in Singapore.

Pinotage is a difficult wine with less stability usually. There are outstanding Pinots from New Zealand which I have enjoyed in the past, even now I still look for those wines in the supermarkets out here. Pinots are complex wines with complex tastes.

The Simonsig Pinotage Redhill is a great wine made from vines which grow on red soils. The wine is rich and complex, with a spiciness which tingles the palate. Itis fruity as well with a ripe plum taste. The wine has a dense opaque red colour, and is dry. It offers a full-bodies plum + blackberry fruitiness which I enjoyed slowly. This wine is best when it is taken in slowly by itself.

I am fast becoming an admirer of South African wines. These are more complex and sophisticated than the wines I have seen from down under.

The challenge is getting such good wines from South Africa in Singapore. I am still searching ! In the meanwhile, if you get Simonsig wines, do not hesitate. They are probably the best out there in South Africa.


Vijay Srinivasan

24th May 2015


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