A Forty Year Old Re-Union

I met with one of my secondary school classmates after a gap of almost 40 years (39 years to be exact). He is a successful Criminal Lawyer in Chennai, and is well known in the legal arena. His name is Chander.

I instantly recognized him standing in front of Hussaini’s house (Hussaini being my other famous classmate) near the beach in the Southern part of Chennai, as I approached the house. I walked out of the car and embraced him, and he was very warm towards me, and said that he has missed seeing me all these years.

Such is friendship. While I was a studious kid, not indulging in any extracurricular activities, and was known as a quiet person, many of my classmates were extroverts with multiple talents and even business skills those days. Coming to think of it, we even had an entrepreneur (Ravi) in our class, and several businessmen (like Malik, Ashraf,…..) and sportsmen (like Nanda). And, we had a hugely talented Hussaini, who is now a multi-faceted personality – there is none like him. We also have a  judge (Sudhakar) and lawyer (Chander).

We spent a evening amongst ourselves, talking about those old school days, our teachers, our other class mates, and the latest developments in our lives. I realized that Chander, Hussaini and a few others have accomplished a lot in life. I don’t wish to compare, but in my case I have only been in corporate jobs, I did not choose a profession. A profession such as lawyer, doctor, artist, sportsman, etc., gives a choice to excel in creativity and professional achievement like no other job. I am not demeaning other jobs, I am just pointing out the difference in accomplishing something in life which impacts other lives.

So, it was a great evening with some good food and drinks, but more than anything else, it was a reunion of minds. It was the sheer acceleration of old thoughts rushing into the head, recollection of incidents, the review of class actions, and the rapid clicking in the mind of the impact of those early days in life. Though I was meeting Hussaini for the second time in just 4 months, and have been in touch with Nanda over many years, it still was a great occasion, accentuated by the presence of Chander. We also had Ravi Shankar from our senior batch and I struck a new friendship with him.

It was clear to all of us that we need to have more such bonding sessions, and all of us promised to ourselves to facilitate the same in future.


Vijay Srinivasan

01 August 2015


One thought on “A Forty Year Old Re-Union

  1. Fascinated to meet u the second time . Have great memories of u . The meeting was very momentous . Hope we meet many more times over several years .

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