Humanity is a Religion

People of this world have long been divided by their religion, race, gender, colour, and what not.

The strong sense of racial inequity has been felt around the world, and increasingly so in the United States over the past couple of years. Race has caused untold miseries to the downtrodden folks from Africa, and continues to cause big miseries to the Blacks in the United States. I am located far away from the U.S. but cannot divorce myself from the daily happenings when Black folks are casually murdered on the streets of large cities in the U.S. It was heartening to read a recent story in the Washington Post about how Brazil has weathered the racial bias, long inherent in its history, and has achieved one of the highest rates of inter-racial marriage at almost 25%.

But the bugbear of humanity is Religion. Religious divides have long dominated discussions at all levels of societies. Religious affiliation is always construed to mean that “either you are with me, or you are against me”. The deaths caused by religions now far exceed deaths due to wars or any other reason. Religions have asserted their dominance over humanity in the recent past – in the past couple of decades.

Civil societies cannot ignore the threat of religious domination and indoctrination any more. When young people are indoctrinated via the internet (thereby eliminating the need for physical contact at a religious place) in a secret fashion, and induced to join the barbaric parties that are being set up, then societies have lost their race towards civility and peace. Why should societies sit back in the name of democracy and wait for their young populace to be decimated and murdered in the name of religions ?

I am writing about all religions here, and I am not pointing fingers at any one religion. All religions are guilty of seduction via indoctrination, having been man-made and wrongly directed by charlatans. This is indeed a mild statement given the situation in the world today. Think about it for a minute – do you wish people that you know of, children that you know of, and other youngsters that you have come across, be induced and dominated by a cult feeling which bands them together against the societies that they have grown up in ? This is what is happening in the U.K., France and several other developed countries who are yet to develop a strategy against such indoctrination.

Religions have to unite humanity, rather than divide us. Where is the need for religions which divide humanity ? Is religious learning a must ? Should our children be taught all the scriptures when they grow up ? Do they understand the divisions caused by religions when they are growing up ? What is the role of parents ? Are parents supposed to maintain their intense religiosity (in most cases that I have seen), push their children towards adopting the same focus, and thereby try to differentiate them from other children of a different religion ? Do we build difference in our kids right from the beginning in terms of religious indoctrination ? Where is the need for the same ?

Time to seriously reflect, think through and discuss. Societies need to take the lead in resolving these differences and unite people. Humanity is the solution. Let us be kind to all folks irrespective of their religious affiliations and seek peace.


Vijay Srinivasan

02 August 2015


One thought on “Humanity is a Religion

  1. Shiva


    Excellent piece. Let me ask you a question to spark further thought…..

    If a child is born to a couple who follow (just for example), the Hindu religion, is the child to be called a “Hindu child” or “child of a Hindu couple” ??

    the word “Hindu” in my question is just an example – the question can be rephrased by using the name of any other religion in the world to replace the word “Hindu” .

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