Deakin Estate Chardonnay 2014

Excellent Chardonnay which I would have missed out, had it not been for the fact that “Wine Connection” shop at Suntec City had this one on sale at SGD 24.90 (after discount of some SGD 7.11). My policy has been to stick to value buys when it comes to wines, and my average price for good whites has been hovering around SGD 20 for a long time (sometime I do get very good whites at less than this average price !).

I decided to buy this Deakin Chardonnay because the shopkeeper mentioned it to me as a good chardonnay at not so expensive price. I am sure that this wine goes at a much cheaper price in Australia and elsewhere. I found that it is priced at only AUD 6.90 in Dan Murphy’s online store. Now that SGD has equalled AUD, I thought that the perceived “expensiveness” of Australian products should come down, but it has not (not surprising).

Nevertheless, this wine is good and the price should be ignored !

The Deakin Estate Chardonnay is a creamy, smooth wine with a lingering finish. You will enjoy it even after you have finished drinking it ! That is surely the hallmark of a very good wine. I would surely put this wine in the top 5% of the Chardonnays that I have tried (and Chardonnays are a favourite drink of mine with some appreciation from my wife as well !). I don’t think I can exactly describe the nose, palate, and what not – this is just simply a good wine.

Try it, and if you live in Singapore find a more inexpensive way to source it !!

Enjoy your wines responsibly, and do not drink and drive. That would simply be a foolish act with bad consequences.


Vijay Srinivasan

9th August 2015


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