Beach Head Credaro Shiraz 2013

Outstanding Shiraz from Margaret River, Australia.

This is a great find. I have been gravitating slowly but steadily towards heavier grapes, but this Shiraz find is a sure pull back towards an easy-drinking red.

A velvety smooth finish with spiciness to spruce up the evening is how I would describe this wine. Lovely Shiraz with the usual characteristics of a good Australian Shiraz – full-bodied, with berries and pepper dominating the palate, appeals to the kind of food that we take on a Saturday evening – pasta with spicy sauce, tandoori chicken, etc.,

Again, the price has to be brought down – it is north of SGD 25 a bottle. At around SGD 18 – 20, this wine would move well in the supermarkets, but you don’t get in your usual supermarkets. You got to go over to specialty wine shops, who choose to discount very few wines. This one would be SGD 32 without discount.

Strongly recommended Shiraz. Australia seems to be back on the tables after a long drought ! Currency depreciation is one factor for sure !!

Enjoy your wines responsibly, and never more than 2 glasses for the evening !


Vijay Srinivasan

15th August 2015


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