Windows 10 – initial impressions

The quick conclusion: Mac is still better than Windows !!!

I use Mac both at office and at home; I also use Windows laptop at home for certain purposes. I reserved the Windows 10 free upgrade a couple of months ago, and was eagerly awaiting the momentous occasion when I could indeed achieve the free upgrade.

The process of effecting the upgrade was fine (though not as easy as it is in the case of Apple Mac). It took a long while (a few hours), but that was also acceptable. I was thrilled when Windows 10 finally started running on my Lenovo X230 laptop (2.5 years old as on date). I browsed around, read some articles on how best to use the Windows 10 settings, used the new Edge browser (quite impressed), and came to the view that Windows 10 indeed is a good release compared to Windows 8.1.

But that impression did not last long.

Even though millions of testers have tested Windows 10 for probably a couple of years, Windows 10 still contains hundreds of bugs (I do not know exactly how many, but going by the system updates happening frequently over the past couple of weeks, looks like much work still remains to be done).

And the bugs came into play today (on a nice Sunday afternoon). The Windows 10 repeatedly crashed, the browsers crashed, and the system became unresponsive four times today. I did not have access to the Mac, so I had no choice except to keep using the Lenovo. It was so bad that I wanted to run away from Lenovo and Windows 10. There was discussion around the house, and the general consensus was Microsoft would never “get it”, though the new CEO has done some great stuff over the past year or so.

The benchmark for Microsoft still remains as Apple Mac user experience, there is still nothing to beat it. Yes, Mac is expensive, not completely trouble-free, has its own set of quirks, etc., However, the overall user experience is very pleasant, the system update process is easy and painless, the software works seamlessly, there is no virus to speak of, the system is stable, and the performance is outstanding.

Can I say the same thing about Windows 10 after today’s experience ?

Surely not. I had to “hard boot” my system four times, and that is simply too much. And in the first two reboots, I noticed that the system update process was controlling the Lenovo. Where is the easy to use, simplistic experience that a family is looking for ? Why is Windows 10 still a complex piece of code which does not understand what the users want ?

I am not going to recommend Windows 10 upgrade, in fact I am thinking of rolling back to the rather stable Windows 8.1. Please ensure that you have studied the pros and cons of upgrading thoroughly before the upgrade. I am still watching my system carefully, and NOW it is on my close scrutiny and watch.


Vijay Srinivasan

16th August 2015


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