Les Diaboliques

Les Diaboliques is a famous thriller movie released in 1955, directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot.

“Please do not reveal the ending of this movie with anyone” – it is a unique only one of a kind request at the end of any movie that I have seen so far. Yes, I should not and cannot reveal the twisted ending of this glorious film to anyone, not even to my wife, though I strongly urged her to see the movie for herself.

French movies are a bit sad and dark, and this movie is no exception. For the first few minutes, I thought nothing much of what was going on, except to rely on the reputation of the movie as one of the best thriller movies of all times. So, I waited, but was not disappointed in the least.

A classic movie remains a classic forever – and the actors in this movie go about their chores and evil plans, as normal people will do during a day (or night). Nothing unusual, except for the scheming thoughts originating from the dark human nature in a seemingly calm environment of a boarding school. Who would think of evil creatures in a boarding school and that too, amongst the teachers, director, et al ?

Well, it was a real pleasure to watch this movie, with of course English sub-titles, and the issue with that was one misses sometimes the facial nuances of the key characters. May be I should now see the original French version without any sub-titles !

Great horror (though I would not exactly characterize it this way) movie, with suspense and strange “incidents” which keep you totally engrossed right through the movie. The ending is something which I did not guess at all – in fact, I was shocked that the dead body of the headmaster reappears in the bathtub towards the end of the movie, and still could not guess what was going to happen.

The amazing twist towards the very end and all the build-up towards it, demonstrates the incredible film-making abilities of the director. Human nature can be so convoluted that it manifests itself in real life (and so in reel life as well) in so many different ways, and sometimes it is unusually difficult to make a guess work. What thrilled me is the plot of this movie which is kind of fresh even after six decades !

Well, a movie to be enjoyed in a single sitting folks – I presume you would be seeing this movie at home ! And, may be in the late evening or night !!


Vijay Srinivasan

29th August 2015


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