How does one live a life full of nothing – “The Secret in their Eyes”

This must be one of the best movies ever made. At least, that is what I think after seeing the movie in Spanish (which I don’t speak) and then in English. I could not find a site which has the English sub-titles, and after much struggle found one. Amazing dialogues, I really relished this movie.

In certain parts, the movie feels like moving slowly or in vague direction, but I believe that is the intention of the director, Juan José Campanella. The movie won the Best Foreign Film Award in the 2010 Oscars. I think the movie is well taken with outstanding direction overall. The key actors (Ricardo Darín, Soledad Villamil, Guillermo Francella, Pablo Rago, Javier Godino) have delivered phenomenal performances. My favourite actor in this movie is Ricardo Darin who is the main criminal investigator.

Rarely has a foreign, non-English movie has impressed me so much. There are many intense dialogues, many close-up shots, and many shots with eyes focused on the other person. The eyes hold the secrets !

I was not prepared to receive the ending of the movie – I thought Ricardo Darin will drive away for into the horizon when he leaves Pablo Rago’s house [I am using their actual names]. But it was not to be. The director has shown his hand everywhere, and firmly in the last scenes of the movie.

When I see Ricardo Darin, I could feel what he would have gone through it it were his real life. The same applies to all the other key actors. We do not get such movies often. Each and everyone acts as though they are firmly acting the moment – except Ricardo and Soledad who seem to be moving between the present and the past. Of course, the other actors also do that movement right through the movie, but I felt it most for Ricardo and Soledad as I was expecting their chemistry to come out in the open at any time.

It doesn’t right through the movie, but does in the final scene.

I should say the movie has left a lasting impression on me. I just persuaded my wife to see the movie, and she agreed because I just couldn’t stop talking about it. Let me see what she has got to say after viewing it.

This is a five star movie.


Vijay Srinivasan

26th September 2015


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