Frontera Chardonnay from Chile

Excellent Chardonnay from Chilean winery of Concha Y Toro.

I picked up this wine from the local supermarket at a reasonable price (less than SGD 20). I know that Chilean whites are, in general, good wines. I thought I could not go wrong at this kind of price.

I did not.

Very different from Australian Chardonnay wines, the Frontera Chardonnay had a wonderful aroma and tasted great on the palate. It has a pale yellow colour, with aromas of apple, pear, and probably pineapple.  Crisp and refreshing, with a hint of sweetness which suited me !

This very good wine is balanced with some acidity and a long, smooth finish.

Enjoyable every drop !

Chilean wines are gaining ground, I guess. Good and sometimes excellent wines at almost 60% of the prices from down under. Not bad at all. If one is focused on value for money (especially during the current economic times), then spend on alcohol will be reduced but one can enjoy good wines from Chile (and may be from Argentina as well).

Keep looking for Chilean wines, and Frontera seems to be the biggest brand from Chile on the wine front.


Vijay Srinivasan

27th September 2015


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