The Ghost Writer

Roman Polanski.

The name of the director might be enough inducement to see the movie, right ?

While this movie does not deliver the full justice to the Roman Polanski fame, it does has a story line which is believable, and which has been acted out under the tight direction of Mr. Polanski.

The Ghost Writer is a political thriller with some good mystery and action sequences. While it is modelled on the story of Tony Blair cooperating with the U.S. during the Afghan and Iraq wars, the movie’s story is incredible as the ex-Prime Minister is perched on an island in the U.S. soil and thereby protected from the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court of The Hague. This is nonsense, as no U.S. Government would protect a previous collaborator at the risk of antagonizing the current U.K. Government – there will be no collaboration forthcoming from the U.K. if that happens, which seems to be the case in this movie.

Given the above, the movie makes interesting watching over an evening, given its tense happenings and the performance of its central character without a name (acted by Ewan McGregor). There is some expectation right through the movie on what is going to happen next, and that is a good thing for an action thriller of the type of The Ghost Writer.

I did not expect the ex-Prime Minister to be assassinated, but that is what happens in the movie. While Ewan is not an investigative reporter (as he himself says somewhere in the movie), he goes about like one and follows his instincts expecting to discover something – there is this feeling I got that he is looking for something suspicious right through the movie. He couldn’t, and that is the reason for him to approach the end at which he does discover the rationale behind the ex-Prime Minister’s active collaboration with the C.I.A.

Obviously the U.S. Government does not want the truth to come out, and so decides to eliminate Ewan, like it did with his predecessor. And, that’s the way the movie ends. This is a story of political deceit, connivance, illegal cooperation, killing of innocents, and conspiracy. And to this extent, the movie does justice to its stated objective of The Ghost Writer writing the auto-biography of the ex-Prime Minister of the U.K.

I would think that Mr. Polanski directed the movie well and Ewan acted out his role well though he appears to be bewildered all along. He is shown as an intelligent, thinking guy, who does some amount of on-the-feet thinking to escape the bad folks (on the ferry for instance). It is not entirely believable that a Cabinet Minister of the U.K. would be contactable in the U.S. via a cell phone number written behind a photograph by Ewan’s predecessor (who was murdered on the island). Not only that, the Minister meets with Ewan and discusses the manuscript of the auto-biography in a cafe on the island ! That is stretching things too far.

In any case, this is a movie good to see !


Vijay Srinivasan

27th September 2015


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