The Middle East Mess

What a total mess !

The world can only wonder at the incapability and impotency of the leading nations in fixing the mess that they themselves have created.

Now, you add Russia to the mess and one can only imagine what kind of outcome will result in the coming days and weeks of relentless bombing in Syria. Recall the days when Russia invaded Afghanistan ?

The U.S. is caught in a serious bind from which it cannot extricate itself. So are the U.K. and France, all allies in the Syrian bombing campaign. They all want the Syrian President to be ousted. But they could have accomplished that in 2011/12, and they didn’t.

The cost of their inaction ?

250,000 lives of innocent Syrian Citizens who were bombed and murdered by President Assad’s armed forces.

Who is going to take responsibility for the inaction of the Western nations ?

And when the U.S. did want to take action finally, Russia offered to rid Syria of chemical weapons and that offer was too tempting to resist for the U.S.

So, there went the golden opportunity to save Syria from further bloodshed.

And, as usual, the impotent U.N. just waited and watched on the sidelines while the worst massacre (more appropriately called “genocide”) of modern times, continued non-stop.

Which country would obliterate its own citizenry ? And, which group of nations would tolerate a genocide in the 21st Century ? Non-intervention has always been a bad policy, and Syria is the perfect example of that policy.

Now, the U.S. and the U.K. have to wait and watch what the Russians do in Syria. Would Russia give up on Syria and their steadfast ally, President Assad ? Doubt it. President Putin of Russia surprised President Obama with a fast checkmate in Syria, and is moving fast while the Americans fret over lost opportunities. The U.S. is now again insisting that President Assad should go, but he will not go without killing more citizens and causing further havoc by pushing out his country’s citizens towards Europe which is now reeling under the most serious immigrant crisis ever.

All this points to only one thing — firm and determined leadership is required every day, every minute when one is facing a global crisis of such proportions. It is clear that the U.S. underestimated President Assad, and also President Putin. There is also now a possibility that Putin would get an entry into Iraq ! The Americans would simply hate that eventuality.

Well, the mess one creates has to be cleaned up by the same entity, or else lose your place to another mess creator !

The Middle East is clearly sliding into a huge humanitarian and terrorist crisis of such proportions that the U.N. and the E.U. should sit down in a determined fashion and tackle the issues head on. The best way is to negotiate with President Assad so that he gets safe haven somewhere while his country struggles with the aftermath of his rule. The Saudis will love Syria if President Assad goes away, he has been a thorn in their flesh for too long. Iran may not like that outcome, however.

Hope sober heads will resolve the matter sooner than later.


Vijay Srinivasan

4th October 2015


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