Camera Shopping

For his birthday, my son wanted to get a DSLR camera.

I let him do all the research on such cameras, and eventually he came up with his choice: it was Nikon D5500.

Of course, quietly and parallely I was also doing my research. For one, I love that kind of product research – trying to wade through many websites and reviews to determine a short list of brands. I also love “speccing” meaning identifying specifications which would suit one’s requirements. The more the demand on advanced specs, the more the price ! On another note, I have not had such a camera – my preference was for the point-and-shoot type of cameras and over the years I have had a series of Casio, Panasonic, Canon and Nikon cameras. And many, many years ago I had a solid Canon EOS camera which used film. Also, I have had used a series of Camcorders – Panasonic, JVC and Sony.

Not surprisingly, I also came to the same choice conclusion that my son arrived at. I liked the D5500 for several reasons, the most important being that of light weight. A few other reasons are built-in Wi-Fi, touch-screen display, and the 18-140mm lens kit. In fact, my son selected the wide-angle lens as the telephoto performance was good and the differential price was very reasonable.

Then came the matter of selecting a shop to buy. We rejected the online shops as the personalized trial and evaluation aspect would not be possible unless you go over to a photo shop and try out the various brands / models. The prices at online stores were lower by between SGD 50 to 200. In any case, we decided to shortlist three shops and then attack the one at the top of the list. My research produced John 2:16 shop in Funan Mall and Cathay Photo at Marina Square / Peninsula Plaza. Then I came to know that John’s photo shop has been closed, so the choice became rather easy. Go to Cathay Photo at Marina Square.

So there we went yesterday and bought the camera from a nice sales executive called James. My son has done additional research, so he needed a series of accessories which kept increasing my investment overlay. We also bought LCD screen for the LCD Display of the D5500, a UV Filter for the Camera lens, an additional 64 GB SanDisk memory card for Ultra HD Video capture (apart from the 8 GB card which comes with the camera kit), an optical cleaning kit, a SIRUI brand tripod, and a small drybox to keep all the camera stuff. The drybox is essential as we live on an island with sea winds and high humidity levels.

Camera buying is always a complex purchase. We considered both Canon and Sony, and I even looked at Pentax. For entry-level DSLRs, there was a neck-to-neck fight between Nikon and Canon. We could have gone either way. A couple of factors swung the decision in favour of Nikon, plus my son was very clear with his strong preference for Nikon after his due diligence on such cameras. Given that he was spending from his savings for the most part of the investment, I decided to give him full leeway in his choice of his own DSLR camera !

Goov overall experience, and the D5500 has been in action for a day now producing some rather good pics. Let us see how it works out on many of its promised features and modes over the next few weeks !

Happy Birthday son and enjoy your new acquisition.


Vijay Srinivasan

22nd November 2015


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