Fresh Fruits Lab

My family wanted to go for dinner at some unique place around East Coast of Singapore yesterday, and gave me the unenviable task of deciding which place to go to. This is a tricky situation – if one is trying to figure out the right place to go on a Saturday evening, and all that is available is just 30 minutes to make the choice, what would one do ? And further, the place has to be somewhere nearby, and critically, that place should be able to take reservations at short notice.

Our mind thinks in narrow circles and tries to isolate the problems in sequence, and then searches the most viable solution. May be there are folks who could do a lateral kind of stuff due to prior knowledge or some unique divine foresight, or what not. But ordinary mortals like me struggle somewhat at what is apparently a simple problem, as the cost of failure is high – I mean not just the “cost” but the dissatisfaction which could result from a bad dinner is rather high, and given that I have had past experiences of that nature, I decided to look for professional advice. Remember, I had only 30 minutes !

When under pressure, the mind thinks quickly – it is almost a matter of survival. I quickly searched for East Coast Restaurants and voila, the first site I chanced upon rekindled my old memories – it was my Lady Iron Chef of Singapore, a fantastic website for food recommendations and guides. So, I drilled down and got what I wanted – The East Coast Restaurants. Then came the tough task of selecting one – I selected two and then finally made a difficult choice which happened to be “Fresh Fruits Lab” – one of the suggested places by Lady Iron Chef. Please see her write-up at Fresh Fruits Lab Recommendation.

I made a quick booking and we all went to look for what I would call an “experience” in a fruits lab. And, yes it was a lab – almost one. They served our drinks in beakers and conical flasks – contraptions which we liked. The Apple Orange juice was liked by my wife, and my son liked the Strawberry Soda. I chose the Adagio, a rooiboss tea in a beaker with volume denomination printed on the outside. This was real good tea, and even went for a refill. We also had the “Roasted Roma soup” which was good, but was not much different from the thick tomato pasta sauce that we use in our cooking. May be this was an overkill as it filled our tummies rapidly – could have avoided the soup. The starter of Beer Shroom which was fried mushrooms was liked by all of us.

The main courses were pretty decent. The aglio olio pasta was good and the Fish & Chips was a bit oily while crispy, the inside dory fish was delicious of course. My son said that the Chicken Fricasse was good stuff. Overall, it was a good experience, though the price was some 15% higher than what we thought it should be.

So, our Lady Iron Chef was not wrong in her recommendation. Fresh Fruits Lab was indeed a good place to go in the East Coast. And, the experience is unique for the reasons I mentioned above. There is a relaxed atmosphere in this rather quaint place tucked on Changi Road in one of the quiet corners. The food is decent, and the service is pretty good.

So, not a bad choice for less than 30 minutes of work. And, of course, the dependable Lady Iron Chef came to a speedy rescue and I keep it secret !


Vijay Srinivasan

29th November 2015


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