Mind and Purposeful Life

I have written previouly on how leading a purposeful life with clear goals will reduce stress and create a more meaningful life for you and a fruitful impact on others surrounding you.

Not sure which one of the over 1,200 blog posts cover this topic however !

I have long been looking for meaning in life. Is there a greater purpose to one’s life than just performing routine task-oriented demand-driven and interrupt-driven chores right through the day ? And, tomorrow and the day after ? Is the purpose of life to make money and lead a comfortable life ? Is it to ensure that your immediate and extended family is well taken care of – in some sort of way ? Is it to network and build equity with friends and business associates ? Can one find meaning in his/her own life within a reasonable period of time, instead of belabouring upon this topic till the end of one’s life ? Is there a way to discuss these matters with others and with one’s mentors and family and friends without being perceived as crazy ?

I am sure we all go through these kinds of situations in life. As we collect baggage living the life we are destined to live, our inertia increases. We are loath to make changes in our own lives, which are definitely possible if a purpose or meaning could be established for a serious change. But do we even have the courage to countenance such changes ? Are we in a position to visualize what purpose that we wish to go after ? What kind of troubles that our pursuit of meaning in life could bring upon us ? etc., etc.,

We have to think of course. Thinking is the gift that humans have received from a bigger force which creates order and maintains the same in this universe. If a bigger force exists, and if it could sustain the orderliness of this universe and, therefore this world, then that bigger force will provide human beings with the capability to run this world, and along with that capability, the ability to think. And when we do think about matters such as science or maths, our minds do get the clarity needed to solve the world’s problems.

But do we think about ourselves and our apparent inability to find a meaning in life ?

Life is tough with the kinds of problems that it throws on unsuspecting lives. It is hard to keep up with the pace of life. You solve one problem, another one pops up in a few minutes, and so on and so forth. In this non-stop life handling, we do miss the ability to decipher the code that exists in all of us.

What is that code ?

It is the cipher which if you could break it using your intellect and experience, will tell you what is the kind of life that you are destined to lead, what is your purpose in life, what are your goals, how are you going to be measured by the bigger force which controls this universe, and what kind of actions that you have to take in what time frame to be able to find the meaning of life and impact the lives of others.

Just think about it – the meaning of life is not in the Himalayas or in the Arctic Ocean. It is within you. It resides in you. It is waiting for your urgent discovery.

Only when you are able to calmly decode this cipher of your life, will you be in a position to appreciate your life with all its full purpose.

Every human being has a purpose in his/her life. He or she needs to discover it. And, do that quickly. I have taken a long time to discover what is my code. With all the technological marvels that increasingly surround us, I am afraid we will miss the boat of life’s meaning. Technology makes us interrupt-driven. It is essential for our lives, but it also disrupts our lives every six months. There is an urgent need to step away from the mayhem and think calmly about oneself. Find your code, and do that quickly. Do not wait, time is very precious in life as you all know.

Well, it is not magic. Look inside yourself first. Look at what you are doing in your life. Look at what others around you are doing. Look at the moral predicaments that the world puts itself in – one has just got to read the world news. Why is everyone killing each other ? Have they all lost their purpose in life ? Why is everyone so rushed ? What is happening ? Take a raincheck. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Stay in a trance-type condition for some 30 minutes. You will feel that your mind is going blanc and your blood pressure is dropping. You will rise and fall with your breath. You cool down. You exhale and come off the trance. Look at yourself. You will new and fresh. You can think more calmly, more intensely, more productively.

Well, find the code and find the meaning in life.

Each human being is precious. Each person has a purpose in life, whether he or she knows it or not.

Strange, isn’t it ?

Well, we will connect soon for more on this topic.


Vijay Srinivasan

19th December 2015


































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