Politicians and Truth

Politicians of all hues cannot accept truth.

Is this statement right ? Is this right in most countries of the world ?

Yes and mostly Yes.

When the Republican Party of the U.S. does not support the Climate Change paradigm that is threatening this world, and when almost all its Presidential Candidates endorse their own miserable knowledge (or lack of it) behind the science of Climate Change, then we think seriously about their credibility. And this is in a country which is a pace setter in science and technology ! A global leader in almost everything that we can think of !! Imagine the plight of other countries around the world.

There are many such examples. Even when there is hard data, politicians refuse to accept the same and play on peoples’ emotions. They wield threats – such as “your jobs will disappear if the climate change commitments have to be met”. They say that carbon-emitting power plants using coal will have to be shut down, or adopt new processes which would increase the cost of power. Such arguments have been advanced in the past couple of decades.

Combined with the reluctance of the developing world to assume a big burden in terms of controlling their carbon emissions, you could achieve an alignment of contrasts – the poor countries align with the rich political party of the U.S. to stop Climate Change !!!

Well, now that the Climate Change program has been approved by all 196 countries of the world, what is the Republican Party going to do ? What explanation can Mr Donald Trump offer apart from throwing expletives at the climate change proponents, against the White House and against the U.N. ? It has clearly been proven scientifically that the world temperatures are rising, snow and glaciers will start to melt, sea levels will rise, many inhabited islands will disappear from the face of this earth, and so on. Science does not stop discovering albeit the influence of stupid folks around the world. Science goes on, discovers the phenomena, and then looks for solutions to the problem on hand. Politicians create problems, issues and fights.

While I am not a supporter of President Obama (notwithstanding his marvellour oratorical skills), I am afraid that the U.S. would not have a balanced President anymore (and President Obama may be the last sober guy in the White House for years to come). And, that is not a comforting feeling, as the new incumbent will likely cause more misery, more pain, and more wars around the world. More people will die for involuntary reasons. More restrictions will be put in place causing businesses to suffer. The world will further split along ideological lines. Americans will buy more guns to protect themselves from other Americans. May be now they will graduate towards mortars and self-propelled guns. Assault rifles not good enough !

The world is getting hotter. 2016 is expected to be the hottest year on record, with global temperatures exceeding already high temperature records set in 2015. The effect of the El Nino weather patterns is there for all to witness.

When politicians deny the reality of climate change, they are denying the future to billions of youngsters who are just growing up. Think about it. What is the kind of credibility that a politician will have when he seeks votes on the basis that science is all wrong and climate change is a hoax perpetrated on unsuspecting folks by activists from the Left ?

So, let us become scientific and refute the untruths. Let us try to understand climate change. Here are some excellent resources:

NASA: Climate Change and Global Warming

Home | Climate Change | US EPA

Impact of Climate Change on Singapore – NCCS

Climate Change > New Home – UNEP

It is time to read up and understand for ourselves the nature of the serious threat that is facing down on this planet. Must be compulsory reading for all politicians of all hues. Sometimes, I am reminded of the need for politicians to have an entry-level admissions test into politics. Only because a prospective politician has money, connections, lobbyists and the necessary age to stand for elections, can contest elections today, are we in a position to deny inevitable scientific facts ? What about the basic political training required (like the basic military training) to represent people and get elected ? And, surely one component of that training would be science and its non-stop march towards discovering truth – the ultimate truth. Many politicians are afraid of truth as we all know.


Vijay Srinivasan

19th December 2015











































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