Greyrock Hawke’s Bay Merlot

This is a good red.

Generally, I am fond of most NZ wines – especially the Sauvignon Blancs and the Pinot Noirs. While I did not check, I am sure that I have written about NZ wines in the past under my “Wines” category. Ever since I visited NZ for a family trip, I have fallen in love with the country as well as its wines.

The Greyrock Hawke’s Bay Merlot from the 2012 vintage is delicious – it has rich plum and dark berry fruit flavours. Silky tannins give the wine a smooth silky soft finish which will induce one to drink rightaway ! I liked the Merlot very much though my usual reds are Cabernet and Shiraz. The “easy drinkability” of Merlot wines establish Merlots as choice wines with casual wine drinkers though this can well be disputed.

For those folks who do not know Merlot, it is a variety of grapes which matures early in the cultivation cycle, and can ripen fast even in cooler climates. The grapes are big in size, and are often used to blend with the Cabernet grapes – hence the varietal named as “Cabernet Merlot”. However, I believe that Merlot is a great wine on its own standing, and deserves a serious attempt by wine connoisseurs to decipher its speciality.

I have been buying more of Merlots these days. Its beautiful finish (depending on the winery) is something which is unmatched by the other varietals.

Try the Greyrock from Hawke’s Bay of NZ. You will like it. Strongly recommended !


Vijay Srinivasan

9th January 2016



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