Hemisferio Cab Sauvignon Reserva

This is a great Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile.

Of late, Chilean wines are taking the wine-drinking world by a storm. Chile produces excellent wines of international quality and offers these to global wine consumers at very competitive price points. In a blind test, I would probably mistake a Chilean wine for a great Australian Barossa wine for instance ! Well, I do not wish to offend the Chilean wines producers, this is just to state that being in the heart of Asia, I tend to get more of Australian and New Zealand wines in the winestore offerings, but I noticed that Chileann and South African varieties are on the rise.

Coming from a vineyard which is 300 years old (Miguel Torres), it is not surprising that the Hemisferio Cab Sauvignon is of great quality – you get to enjoy the “exquisite aromas of forest fruits and spices on a rich background of licorice” as per the information provided by the vineyard. This wine is cultivated in the Valle Central region of Chile.

The Hemisferio Cab Sauvignon is a very drinkable, robust wine with a bright ruby colour. Forest fruits provide the spiciness that I was looking for. Its long aromatic spicy finish goes well with spicy foods. I really enjoyed the Hemisferio for a couple of days (actually 3 evenings !). I developed a liking for it, and I would recommend this wine (which is moderately priced) for new wine drinkers.

Of course, I will drink this wine anytime !

Welcome to Chilean wines !


Vijay Srinivasan

17th Jan 2016


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