The Notebook

“The Notebook” is an amazing love story of all times. It is frequently ranked as one of the most romantic movies ever made. I chose this movie to view during the Chinese New Year holidays. While I was trying to see this movie, I was frequently interrupted leading to a disjointed viewing experience. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie on NetFlix HD viewing option on my notebook (laptop). I liked the “oldness” of the movie (set in the 1940s) with elegant actors churning out thoughtful and emotionally charged performances.

I did not know most of the actors in this movie, but quickly discovered that Rachel McAdams is an actress that I have seen in some past movie. She delivers a great performance in “The Notebook”, with her sometimes very youngish profile trying to mask an outstanding actress with a big repertoire of acting skills. I saw Ryan Gosling for the first time on screen, and he has that sad face in this movie which probably is the result of the loss of his love affair with Rachel McAdams (I am using the actual names of the actors instead of their screen names).

The movie is a narration from a notebook (hence its name) left by Rachel for her husband to read to her if she loses her memory. The poignant acting by Gena Rowlands and James Garner when James reads her notebook to Gena [these are the names of the older versions  of the actors Rachel and Ryan who are the younger versions] is very touching. The impact of Alzheimer’s disease on Gena is being incredibly demonstrated when she gets her memory back briefly and then relapses into loss of memory again. What a destructive disease it is ! The touching dialogues at the end of the movie (and even the ones between Rachel and Ryan during their fight scene in the early part of the movie) makes one feel miserable. Given that Alzheimer’s disease is having a widespread impact in developed countries, one can imagine how lives well led are being decimated by this destructive disease. I only hope the medical research fraternity discovers a cure soon to reverse the memory loss.

I liked this movie – it was realistic, it was able to convey the moods and emotions of the key actors, it has been directed so well…..and it is a touching story. It is a romantic love story, it is a story that rings in your ears long after the movie has ended. The very last scene of the lovers passing away in embrace during sleep is something which would refuse to go away from our minds. As the dialogues rolled, one could feel their love – every word which was uttered displayed a deep sense of love and affection. “The Notebook” is really a great love story enacted and directed very well, and it captured my attention despite all the distractions and interruptions.

See it !


Vijay Srinivasan
11th February 2016


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